It’s October!!

Well Well Well… I can’t believe it’s October already!


September went by so quickly… Almost too quickly.

If you don’t remember, at the beginning of last month I wrote this post about intentions and what my intentions for the month of September were going to be.

Looking back on the month I feel as though I acted and thought more mindfully upon the intentions that I had set.  I reminded myself of them almost daily, but did not get down on myself if I wasn’t able to meet them in every situation where one could’ve been applicable. And that is OK.  Again, intentions aren’t goals.. they are based more off of ideas where flexibility and non-judgment is prevalent.

Even though I did not know what to expect with doing this, I really enjoyed having a list of intentions rather than a list of goals.  So this month I am going to do the same!

For October some of my intentions are the same, such as…

Forgive others and myself.

Be more mindful of my bodies wants & needs

go outside more, have adventures// be spontaneous!!

Create balance

But I do have a few new intentions that I would like to bring into focus this month including…

Spend more time with friends and Family

Try new things!

Break free from rigid routines

My list of intentions isn’t very long but it’s what I feel I am able to manage at the moment Plus it  encompasses things that are  important to me that I want to focus more on.

By continuously doing this each month, which I intend to do (no pun intended 😉 ) I think that it will continue to be eye opening and beneficial  If you didn’t try writing a list of intentions for September, I urge you to try writing out your own list of intentions for October and seeing what comes of it!

So tell me… 

Did you write a list of intentions for September?

Are you going to write a list of intentions for October? and if so… What is one of the intentions you want to focus on? 


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