Self Care pt.2

I figured that after my previous post about the importance of self care I would share some of my favorite ways to practice self- care with you all!

It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive, the ways I practice self- care certainly aren’t.

Some ways that I practice self care are

Going for a walk & just being outside

Fresh air does WONDERS for me mentally and physically


It allows me to have time to connect with my body and truly get in tune with its wants and needs


that means taking a nap in the afternoon if I’m feeling run down, it means hitting the snooze button on my alarm one too many times, it means not always having to be doing something productive

Hair, nails & make-up 

sometimes I forget just how good doing these things make me feel


Spending time with animals seems to be relaxing for some reason


that means getting off my phone and being away from it for a bit

I’m sure that I could keep this list going, but i’ll stop with these few ways.  I hope that this gives you maybe a few new ideas about how to practice self-care yourself!

No questions today, but feel free to leave any comments! 




Self care

Lately I have really been trying to focus on self care. For most of my life I have been HORRIBLE at it, treating myself terribley most of the time.

A lot of that is because of my type A personality, my perfectionistic tendencies as well as my eating disorder and goals in life. However I knew that major changes had to be made, I needed to relax a little bit and give myself the break it deserved.  I was getting burnt out, irritable and was just unhappy.

I used to think that practicing self- care meant letting yourself go, but it’s really not. Self care is letting yourself be.  It’s giving yourself the freedom to relax and do things that make you happy, which is so important! So sleep in that extra hour, go out for drinks after work with you friends, move your body the way you want and eat what you want!

You deserve it, your body and mind deserve it.

So tell me… 

Whats your favorite way to practice self care? 

Do you struggle with not taking time for yourself?

Summer running tips

We are going through another week long heat wave here in MD so I figured what better time to write up a post about summer running tips! After-all summer can be one of the best times of the year to run!  It just takes a bit of adjusting to with the temperatures being higher and the humidity becoming a major factor.

Sometimes runners find that their paces are a little bit slower at first and that breathing becomes more difficult, but it doesn’t last forever, you’ve just got to run it out!

So I’ve come up with some summer running tips for you that might make the transition a little easier and make summer running more enjoyable!

So first off…

Run when it is coolest

Summer means longer days. Try running earlier in the morning before the heat and humidity really hits its peak or later in the evening as the sun is setting and things are beginning to cool down.

 I wouldn’t advise going for a run at 2 or 3 pm when the sun is at its highest and temperatures are soaring!


I can not emphasize this enough. Hydration is SO important. Before the run, during the run and after the run.

It doesn’t have to just be through water either, you can eat watermelon, cucumber or other fruits and veggies that are loaded with it!

Be consistent

Runners are most competitive with themselves, so seeing that your mile time is 1 min. slower can be a little frustrating. You might want to just throw in the towel with summer running. Its hot, you’re sticky, you feeling gross… but giving up now won’t make summer running any easier or the transition to fall running easier either.  Stay consistent, don’t focus on times but rather effort. Its better to run every day giving it your all than to just not run at all.

Dress accordingly

Its going to be hot. Tank tops, light colored clothing, shorts, hats will become your new wardrobe for this summer


In the case of summer heat and running, I do follow my own advice. Following these tips has made the transition to summer running more bearable as well as these week long heat waves we’ve been getting randomly, easier to get through.

I hope that they might help some of you fellow runners out!

So tell me… 

Do you enjoy running in the summer? 

Whats the weather been like where you live? 


why talk about it

Your story is the key that can unlock someone else’s prison

When you’re struggling, the automatic response is to keep it to yourself. We don’t like to let other people know that we are struggling.  We don’t want them to think that we are imperfect so we try so hard to keep up our facade that we are (perfect that is) . But everyone has their struggles, whether they talk about it or not.

One of my biggest struggles has been being diagnosed with anorexia and having that turn my life upside down, as well as my families and friends. One of the main reasons for the development of my eating disorder was the desire to be perfect. That in itself made it even harder to talk about when I was struggling immensely because I didn’t want people to think that I wasn’t perfect.

Thats why for so long I kept this part of my life hidden, I didn’t talk about it, I made up excuses for my mannerisms. I kept it a secret. I was ashamed. But I am slowly learning that it is okay to talk about it.  It is okay to share that part of my life.

Thats why I have begun talking about my struggles and being honest when people ask how I am really doing.

I’m learning to show my imperfections and let people see the real me.  I shouldn’t be ashamed of the things I have been through because it has helped shape who I am as a person today. With that, my eating disorder is not my whole life, its not who I am as a person.  I’m more than just a girl with anorexia, but because I struggled with it through the end of middle school, high school and still am struggling with it immensely now, it is a big part of who I am and my life.

You might be thinking to yourself, but why? Why share now?

And here is my why…

Being vulnerable is a scary and uncomfortable thing, but nothing ever came out of staying in your comfort zone.  I’m hoping that by becoming more open about my struggles with anorexia I can give them (being my struggles) less power in my life and move forwards, not allowing them to hold me back any longer.

I’m opening up to give hope to people in recovery.  Many people struggling believe that it is impossible, I know most days I feel that way… BUT I can say that I’ve seen little glimmers of hope thanks to the wise words and support of many friends.

I don’t talk about it to bring attention to myself. I don’t talk about it get sympathy from other people. I don’t talk about it so that everyone knows i was that anorexic girl.

So with that while you may not have had an eating disorder, each and every one of us has struggled with something.  We live in a broken world and struggle is a part of that. I encourage you to talk about your struggle(s) major or minor… it doesn’t matter, But vulnerability can be very impactful.

So tell me…

What is something that you’ve struggled with?

Are you open or closed about your struggles?

Do you find sharing them helpful?

just popping in

Today I’m just popping in to give you guys a little reminder to try your best to focus on the present!

Don’t think about what happened last weekend or yesterday.

Don’t think about later or tomorrow.

Focus on this moment, right now. 

Time is an illusion.

 Focusing on the present allows you to live life without judgement. You won’t be able to regret things from the past or fear things in the future.

Take life moment by moment and day by day.

You’ll find that when you live in the moment you will find true happiness and joy.

After a few heavy posts, I thought this was necessary to break it up a little bit!

No questions today, but I’d love to hear your thoughts about anything! 


So you want…

So you want to have an eating disorder?  You want to be anorexic?

This is what you have to be prepared for…

The stomach pain from not eating, constipation, the feeling of your heart beating out of your chest, the realization that after you finish a tiny meal you have 12 hours to go until you’re allowed ot eat again, the blackness, the long uncomfortable, sleepless nights because every way you turn your sharp, protruding bones stick into the bed.

Be prepared for the constant accusing and pathetic, pitiful stares. The questions and the rumors. The crying, the lying. The friends who abandon you, the friends who plead with you to eat and not run.

Your brain will think only of food, calories, numbers, and weights.  You’ll have nightmares.

Handfuls of hair will come out. Blue fingernails and purple lips will become normal.  Un-healable bruises will mark your skin and the goose bumps and the bone chilling cold will never go away. Dark circles under your eyes will appear and never fade. You will look  hollow.

But you can’t forget the self hate, and lonliness even when you’re surrounded by others. The anxiety that arises from even the smallest thing…

You stop talking, listening, caring. Planning your life, going out, living.  You will find no pleasure in anything. Your laughs will be fake, your smiles will be fake. 

There will be continuous docotrs appointments. Continuous ultimatums. Gain weight or drop out of school.  Go to treatment or eventually die from starvation and heart failure. It will be torturous, not only to you but your friends and faimly.  

So tell me… do you really want to have an eating disorder? Do you really want to be anorexic? 

I hope and pray that my insight on what living with anorexia is like can be beneficial to someone who is considering “getting” an eating disorder or becoming anorexic.

Anorexia is not a choice. It is a mental illness with physical symptoms.

Living with an eating disorder is not fun or glamorous… its honestly living hell. 

Anyone who is struggling with thoughts or behaviors, I urge you to seek help. You don’t have to live this way… this doesn’t have to be your life. There is hope.

This is my own motivation to get back on track and to get healthier again. I’m tired of living with this and all that was stated above.

No questions today for you all 🙂 but feel free to comment your thoughts and opinions.

What people need to know

This is something that I’ve wanted to share for awhile, but haven’t.  Eating disorders are hard to talk about and half the time words aren’t even adequate enough to do it justice, so I will try my best to convey what I want to get across about them.

I want people to know that families have to shell out thousands and thousands of dollars for their child to receive treatment…insurance companies don’t help when it comes to paying for treatment.

I want people to know that there are 8 and 10 year old girls that I see at my treatment center…eating disorders are being seen at younger and younger ages now

I want people to know that families have to bury their daughters too soon…anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.

I want people to know that its common now for high school girls to spend Friday nights at home in their rooms instead of going out to eat and hanging out with friends…isolation and anxiety are major components in eating disorders.

I want people to know that eating disorders aren’t just a diet, or just a phase…  they are mental illnesses.

I want people to know that some girls have to spend birthdays and holidays in treatment centers halfway across the country…i’ve been there, done that, it sucks.

I want people to know the countless amount people who I’ve met who have dealt with an eating disorder or know someone who has…eating disorders are a lot more common than you think

I want people to know that those who took time to talk to me and help me…I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

I want people to know they’re not alone.

Yes I am Struggling, I won’t deny that. Things aren’t the best right now, but I know with the support from my friends, family and treatment team I will be able to pull myself out of this relapse before its too late.  I want so desperately for people to understand more about anorexia and eating disorders in general, so share this with your friends, family and supporters and maybe it will help just a little bit.

No questions today, but I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Hello July

Can you believe that it’s July already; do you realize what this means?

2018 is already 1/2 over!! 

I’m honestly pretty happy that its a new month.  To me that means a new beginning, a fresh start, a time to set new intentions!

I’ll be honest with you all, this past month and honestly past 6 months has been very hard for me.  I lost several people close to me, I lost relationships with people I never thought I would lose them with, college became a struggle, and I relapsed back into old ways with my anorexia and orthorexia. On the upside though I also did make small steps in the right direction with things!

But back to the point of it being a new month…

I think that by sharing my monthly intentions on here again each month it might potentially help keep myself accountable (?)

So for the month of July I intend to…

Get to a healthier place mentally & physically

Focus on building stronger relationships with friends & family as well as engage in new relationships

make college a priority

have fun and make memories

I know this was a shorter post and not really anything informative, but its all I’ve got for you today! I’d still love to hear from you all though so…

Tell me… 

do you set monthly intentions? 

do you find them helpful? 

any advice for me in regards to my intentions?



The truth about sugar

As a society we have been trained to look at the sugar content on nutrition labels listening to what others say about various aspects tied to health and wellness. One being sugar. If something has more than X grams of sugar its “bad”, “unhealthy”… the world will end if you put it in your body. (Okay, not really… but thats how they make it seem!)  But have you ever looked at the ingredients to see where that sugar is coming from? because not all sugar is bad!

Lets start with this…

what is sugar? 

Sugar is also known as glucose.  It’s our bodies main energy source and is where we derive most of our fuel from.  Fun fact… did you know that your brain requires 130g of glucose everyday?!

If your brain alone needs that much, that just goes to show how much our whole body actually needs!


This brings me to my next point about sugar…

Should sugar be feared?

No. There are different types of sugars and all are good in moderation. Some sugars  are from whole foods while other sugars are from candy bars/ processed foods. Both sugars deliver glucose to the body, just in different types.

Obviously you will want to be getting a majority of your sugars from more whole foods like fruit, and honey… but nothing is “wrong” or “bad” about sugars from other things! In the end sugars from either source will balance energy within the body and help with nutritional needs!

So what should you do? 

Find that happy balance, enjoy sugars derived from all sources in moderation!

Don’t fear something that society deems bad.

I hope that you all found this informational; I know (at least for me personally) learning about things like this can be very helpful!

So tell me: 

Whats your favorite candy? 

Are you a more sweet or savory person? 


what to eat before running

This is a question that other runners as me and that I have asked many runners myself, What to eat before running?

It’s so hard to find a clear and concise answer as well because advice is rampant about what you should and shouldn’t eat before a run!

Should it be a mini meal? A small snack? Nothing? Should you focus on carbs, proteins or fat?

then you’ve got to start thinking how long should I wait to run?

Lets start with this…

Why you should eat a pre run :

If you run first thing in the morning like I do it’s important to  have something small before running in order to give yourself both a mental and physical boost.  Overnight your glycogen stores become depleted, so without having some sort of fuel beforehand it can lead to sluggishness during the run.

If you tend to run later in the day it is still important to have a small snack if you’re hungry in order to help stabilize your blood sugar and give you a little bit of extra energy!

Some Pre run snack ideas are:


bananas & peanut butter (or any nut butter)

toast with honey, jelly or peanut butter

sweet potatoes with peanut butter or honey


graham crackers

plain granola

All of my snack ideas contain easily digestible carbs and are small in volume as well as low in fiber.  The fat that some of the snacks have help to keep you to stay full longer,  Plus carbohydrates and fats are what is being burned during running!

Depending on the length and intensity of the run you can adjust the portion sizes of each  in order to satisfy yourself and provide you with the adequate nutrition and fuel you need!

Now that we’ve touched on what to east before a run here is a list of what NOT to eat before a run:



High fiber foods


These foods tend to cause digestive upset for many runners when eaten before a run.

Ultimately it takes trial and error in order to find out what works best for yourself.

Now that we’ve gotten down a few ideas of what and what not to eat before running, you have to think about when to eat.

Factors that play a role into the “when” of when you should eat your pre run snack

duration and intenstiy of the run

when you’re running

personal sensitivities

Ideally 30-60 min is a good time frame for a small snack, for larger snacks or a meal you’ll want to wait about 1-2 hours because not everyone has stomachs of steel and can eat then immediately run. You want to make sure that you feel well enough to run and on your run!

So tell me… 

What are some of your favorite pre-run snacks? 

Whats your favorite late night snack?